Translate Sequel Pro


A project dedicated to making the best Mac OS X database management app even easier to use for people whose first language is not english.

We need translators..

Do you know english and another language? Send an email to the Translate Project and tell us a about the language(s) you can help us translate and we will set up an account for you within 24 hours.

Enhancing the experience

Sequel, the main website and the documentation are currently available in english only. We are asking for the multi-lingual users in our community to help translate Sequel Pro for the benefit of our international users.

Magnifying glass with plus sign   How does it work?

  1. We supply english phrases from the website and Sequel
  2. Contributors can offer a translated version of phrases in their selected language.
  3. We will then include the translated text in the next release of Sequel Pro.

Globe   Which languages?

We have started with 10 languages and will be adding more over time.

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